Round Robin Team Discussion Format

Why? Well scaling problems. We ran a mock kick off with only three groups and observed low engagement and attention during our team discussions. During kick off the plan is to have 7 different groups. We can’t have each group presenting the entirety of their findings for the “Game Rule Reading” and “Ways to Score” activities. There isn’t enough time and people don’t want to hear the same thing 7 times.

So to prevent that we will be using the following discussion format for the “Rule Reading” and “Ways to Score” activities.

New Format

Each group will create a list of items to discuss still and they will select a group representative who will be responsible for talking about this list. At the start of the team discussion we will have each group representative come stand up at the front of the room with their list. We will arbitrarily pick a person to start by presenting one item for their list. Next the person to their left will present a(different item, no duplicates) from their group’s list. This continues until groups run out if items on their list. Once a group’s representative runs out of unique items on their list they will sit down. Presenting will continue until only one group’s representative remains standing. We will declare the remaining group the winner and hand out candy to that group.

While the groups are presenting their lists we will be writing down the items on the whiteboard at the front of the room.

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