Rule Reading Instructions


In your small group of students have the group pop corn read the whole rule book. Have each member of your group read about a paragraph out loud, as the other group members follow along.

You may skip the first section “Introduction” this covers some generic FRC information that is hopefully known by all.

While your group is reading the game manual your group should write down important rules / information that your group thinks is important. We will cover each groups list during the discussion period.

Popcorn reading is a classroom practice in which students go around the room taking turns reading a text out loud.

Expected Outcome

Everyone has read the game manual.

A written list of information that your group thinks is important.

A student group member who knows the written list and is presenting it to the team during the discussion.

Things to draw attention to (and include in your list)

  • Ever green rule changes
  • Game piece interaction
  • Number of game pieces
  • Robot constraints (height, frame perimeter, weight limit, etc…)
  • Extension limits

Group Leader

Before you begin designate a person who is responsible for presenting your groups important information to the whole team during the discussion session.

If you don’t wish to record notes on the white board / paper designate a person to take notes at the beginning.

As a group lead you should explain the instructions and the expected outcome to your group. It is your job to ensure that your group doesn’t get distracted. That means we can’t talk about what our robot should do or look like during this time. By the end time of the session it is important that your group has finished reading the entire rule book.

After your group finishes reading the rules do not move on to any next steps. You may talk about the rules but don’t start any of the next steps yet!

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