Ways To Score Instructions


In your small group have the members referencing the game manual to find all the possible ways to score points. List out the different ways to score and their point values. Make sure to cover fouls and ranking points with your group.

Expected Outcomes

Group members understand the different ways to gain points

A written list of all the ways to score points, how many points each thing is worth, and the ways to get ranking points.

A student group member who knows the written list and is presenting it to the team during the discussion.

Group Leader

Before you begin designate a person who is responsible for presenting your groups important information to the whole team during the discussion session.

If you don’t wish to record notes on the white board / paper designate a person to take notes at the beginning.

Explain the instructions to the group members and make sure to keep them on task. Its still not time to talk about what the robot looks like or how to do an action. We are just creating the list of the ways that we can get points at this stage.

Remember penalties score points, but for the other team.

After your group finishes listing the scoring actions and point values do not move on to any next steps. You may talk about the scoring or rules but don’t start any next steps.

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