What the Robot Must Do, Could Do, Won’t Do


In previous years we have created a ranked priority list. This is were we create a list of all actions that our robot could do and then we order it based on what we think is the most important. We spend a good chunk of time on kick off talking about which items are higher than other and shuffling items by one spot. After we have the list ordered we pick a number of an item that we think we have to finish in order to be competitive. Then we pick a number that we’d like to get to before our first event.

2022 Ranked Priority List

This year we are pivoting to a simple skimmed down version of a MoSCoW list. We will only be doing the Must Do’s, Could Do’s and Won’t Do’s. This should hopefully save use a decent chunk of time on kick off weekend.


Using the different ways we found to score and strategies from our scoring analysis we are going to make a list of actions / capabilities that our robot Must Do, Could Do and Won’t Do. When making our lists we should aim to do the things that score the most amount of points in the least amount of time similarly we should avoid actions that take a lot of time and don’t score a lot of points.

Items in the Must Do list are items that we think are essential to be able to do in order to be competitive and win matches.

Items in the Could Do list are items that are important but we might not have enough time or resources in order to complete them.

Items in the Won’t Do list are items that are not worth the effort to complete. These items could be worth very little points, take a long time to do, or don’t fit with the other items in our lists.

When creating these list keep in mind some hidden requirements of actions. For example scoring in the high goal from 2022 requires being able to intake cargo, move around the field, aim, and finally shoot. If you exclude any of these items from your must do and only put shooting we will be in for a big surprise when we figure out there is more to shooting that just shooting.

Expected Outcome

A list of actions that our robot must do

A list of actions that our robot could do(depending on time, resources, or things we learn)

A list of actions that our robot won’t do

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