Day Eight

Yesterday we hosted a FLL competition at our high school. The event ran well and our students had fun interacting and working with the next generation of robotics students.

We had some down time during the event. The scale on our dxf for the prototype intake was off, and we were held up trying to get the correct scale from the designer. We were held up until we remembered we knew a what one of the dimensions should be, bearing holes are 1 1/8″ round. Using this we managed to correct the scale and quickly cut the intake on the CNC router.

Some students worked on assembling v4 of the prototype flywheel shooter, the version with 4″ colson wheels, and using a Neo. They used a 22t to 16t sprocket slightly speed up the colson wheel. Then the students tested the shooter with multiple power cells. The accuracy was pretty good for a prototype, we had one round of testing where we shot 9 balls and 7 of them hit the target. The prototype is not that solid, and flexes slightly when shooting a power cell.

That was all the progress we managed to sneak in between hosting a tournament and helping out with another.






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