Day Thirteen

Field Build

Today was the day that we raised the generator switch. What a pain in the ass. This is the single worst field element I’ve been apart of building. It took 10 people, two ladders and 40 minutes to raise the shield generator.

Once we had both sides of the A frame up the center piece in, the generator switch was still worryingly unstable. We are going to look at adding some additional supports.


Today the shooter design was mostly set in stone. We are doing a hooded shooter which has two positions, the positions removing a portion of the hood with a pneumatic cylinder. We have about 50% of the CAD done and hope to finish it by Saturday.

Prototype Climber

Today we started assembling a prototype elevator using bearing blocks from competition robot parts. We only managed to get all of the gusset holes drilled to hold the stages together. We started one bearing block holes but the drill bit drifted on the back side, we were not able to put a bolt threw both sides. We might have to drill one side at a time. We are using 1/16th wall tubing for the structure from the kit of parts.

Ahead or Behind?

Hopefully we make good progress on Saturday. This is a chance for our team to get ahead of schedule or catch up. Not yet sure if we are behind schedule. Manufacturing is going to finish all of the drive parts Friday and Saturday, we should have a driving robot soon. We have 1 drive gear box almost ready to assemble only missing the output shaft, another drive gearbox is missing one plate and output shaft. The rest need plates to be cut still.






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