Day Fifteen


Today manufacturing finished two drive rails on the Haas, this part was fully done using cam and both pieces came out great. They also prepped plates that will soon become gear box plates. The first plates we cut on the router had incorrect bearing holes and the outer plate we cut didn’t align with the other plate, so they are going to cut them on the Haas. The discovery with the gear box plates definitely puts us in the behind status. Not by too much but we had hoped to have a driving robot by this point.


Programming previously discussed what items need to be displayed to the driver team, and how to best display that data. Today that work was started and the first iteration of the dashboard is coming along quickly. Autonomous work also continues with more tweaking on pid and path following to get the kitbot to better follow the planned path.


Work continues on the elevator for the climb, we are having difficulty in where to place the elevator, and how to package it all. But today we figured out how to run the bearings, and the rigging for it. So all we have to do is find out where it goes on the robot.

The shooter in cad is progressively along nicely. It is roughly 80% done, all of the geometry exists for the flywheel, two position hood, and Neo just have to do some design review and create a lightning pattern.

Driver Practice

Today we ran drills with the students who want to be a part of drive team for the first time. We had two robots up and driving around on our field driving between spots on the field. We took turns and ran through all 8 of batteries in about an hours worth of practice. The neos on the kit bot got pretty toasty during the practice session. Something well have to keep an eye on.






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