Day Eighteen

Today was a flurry of work. We started with the meeting with a short recap and an announcement that we are behind schedule. This time was always coming, and I’m some what relieved that its happened as now we don’t have to question if we are behind, its just a simple yes.


The practice bot’s drive base was assembled today, its missing the belly pan but we don’t know how that is going to look with the climber and other systems, so we are holding off for a moment. We did find one improvement that we are going to make on the real robot, the pieces of metal that hold up the bumper rails on the side of the drive base don’t have access holes in them so we’ll be chopping the tube at ~45 degrees so the bolt can get better clamping action.


Multiple teams of students were working on path following today. One team is running on the kit bot chassis, another is using the 2019 robot. The final team was setting up the new way of doing path following with the WPI lib 2020 updates.


The CAD team was at full attention today, they’ve come to the realization that the entire team is waiting on them. The flywheel shooter is at about 90% done, the stand offs have had their part drawings created, and a lightening pattern and our number have been added to the main hood. The second hood still needs a lightening pattern before its done. Manufacturing should be able to start on it by Thursday.

The next most done sub system is the elevator, we have finalized the dimensions of it, and we are at the point of making the individual parts from the sketch and assembling them together, probably a few more days of work to go at this point. We haven’t made the climbing gearbox or the hooks yet.

The hopper and ball intake have existed in a few different prototypes that we have laying around the shop, but today they are starting to exist in the main assembly and design has started on how they will look and attach on our robot. These two are the furthest from complete but hopefully we’ll be able to make decent progress on them.

With some what rough idea of what each subsystem is going to look like we need to start to do a few things, we need to do a systems integration review, and we need to start planning electronic placement. Up until this point we didn’t have a solid idea of where things were landing in the robot.






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