Day Nineteen


Today we got an outer gear box plate cut as the meeting was winding down. The first attempt at the outer gearbox mysteriously had the features offset by ~.1″ which lead to bearing holes not lining up with the outer plate. All of the plates had the holes made on the manual mill. We corrected for the offset and ran one part right before the meeting ended and produced a good plate finally. It has been a journey to produce these gear box plates, now that we have made one of each the rest should come easy. We should be assembling the first gear box tomorrow.

The first section of the field perimeter was fully put up today. It is looking great and I can’t wait to have the entire perimeter setup.

First Complete Side of Field Perimeter


Today programming work on completing action items brought to light in pull requests. We also had a robot run through with programming that shared the vision of the robot that the CAD team has in their minds.

Robot Rough Layout For Programming


The shooter was ~95% finalized today, a student is just finishing up the lightening patterns on the two pieces of the hood. The major parts of the elevator were finished, we did a basic design review looking at the attachments and bracing, found some items we need to clean up in order to move onto the next step of assembly in CAD. The intake group finalized their geometry and picked out the cylinders needed to bring the intake back up into the frame perimeter. The hopper subsystem got some prototype pieces made, and more details worked out in the CAD. Of all of the robot subsystems the hopper/conveyor subsystem is the least complete.






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