Day Twenty Seven

After a progress filled day yesterday its only natural that today feels like we got nothing done. But we did get stuff done. There are 23 Days until week one starts. Its setting in how little time we have left and how much we still need to get done. The remaining systems to finish are “easy” as there aren’t too many unknowns involved, we’ve made a hopper and plenty of ball intakes before. But the group of students working on them are progressing slowly, and its their first time doing CAD work for a competition robot.

The rough goal I hope to get the team to in my head is spend the next 1.5 weeks getting the first robot done. After the first robot is finished we start beating the crap out of it during practice. Meanwhile the second robot is being manufactured and assembled. Any improvements we should get done before Week 1 competition season ends, and hopefully the last week is just more practice.

The programming team spent today working on getting their code into a good state, one student spent some time on the 2019 robot debugging crashes on startup and another was working on the kit bot trying to get his path following working. One other student was making improvements to his path following code, making it more efficient and chasing down lose ends.

Today we added a sketchy battery mounting system to the chassis using a ratchet strap and two angle brackets… We also retro fitted an old electronics board to use spark maxes. A student did all the can connections with wago lever connectors. The spark maxes were all flashed to updated firmware and thats were we finished tonight.






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