Day Twenty Nine

The field is very close to completion, only need to add plywood to the frame perimeter. We got the correct tape markings put down. We had just enough room to lay our the full trench on the field, so we are able to practice a “full” auto run on one side of the field.

Nearly Done Field

The programming team nailed down the last remaining difficulties with path finding today. Turns out the had set a max acceleration to 14fps. This was giving us paths the robot had no chance of following. Once that was lowered the robot was following the path nicely. After fixing path finding work was started on chaining all of the parts together to form our first auto routine.


This was one of the first few runs, the path was set up as two paths, and the limelight overshot the goal and ended a bit off. The routine improved as the day went on, by leaving time it was running much more smooth and didn’t overshoot at all.

Version 1 of the shooter started being put together today, after the bearing holes were cut on the haas on Friday. This part got cut on the haas and cnc router because we haven’t nailed down the bearing size for the router yet.

Shooter Version 1

We discovered a design flaw with how the hood moved to extended position, when looking at the CAD model there is some clipping of the plates that was missed. Some filing and the hood can move freely between extended and retracted. The shooter still needs a wheel, shafts, belts and pullies, before we can test it.

We spent some significant time today trying to get the practice bot drive base up and running. Initially we had two gate driver faults on two separate spark maxes, which took some time to diagnosis. Then once that was all sorted away one side of the drive base was running 20 – 30 % slower than the other side. We didn’t figure out why before we left for the night.






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