Day Forty One

Today was another day filled with Assembly. The elevator got a few holes added to the final stage in order to have a top brace. After the top stage gets put back on the robot, we need to route the chain and we should be able to test climbing, hopefully this happens on Saturday.


The intake was assembled on the robot today. The assembly went well, we missed the cylinder intersecting with a belt in CAD, but were able to resolve the issue by flipping the cylinder to the other side of the polycarb. The intake rollers were cut out of PVC and the hubs and axles pressed in, all they need left is tapped holes to secure the PVC pipe to the hub.

The hopper is waiting on 6 shafts and 4 standoffs to be cut before it’s assembly can progress any farther. Manufacturing has a lot of shafts to make right now. We finished our first set of bumpers for the season, we now can play on the red alliance! The shooter/conveyor subsystem is moving along nicely, we are starting the single stage hood talked about yesterday. This weekend will hopefully be filled with testing, and iteration.






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