Day Forty Seven

The hook was finalized in CAD today, and the inner stage of the elevator got taken off before we could do the first lift test. Whoops. The elevator needs a few holes drilled in the final stage to mount the hook assembly.

Flipping Hook

Here is a slightly out of date version of what the robot looks like in CAD. The hooks are the old version, and the intake has been iterated on.

The intake was tested today! Its working well, the third stationary roller is being tweaked so it doesn’t collide with the moving rollers. We are going to need to add some polycarb to the hopper to prevent balls from leaving our control.

Intake Test

The hopper also exists mounted inside the robot, but we are having an issue with the Neo 550 attached to it. It sometimes powers up but sometimes get stuck if there is any resistance. Once stuck you can spin the shaft a tiny amount and it will begin running at full power. Interesting.

The Conveyor/Shooter is progressing nicely, we have the conveyor finalized, and everything but the two position hood of the shooter done. We are aiming to release the shooter to manufacturing by Saturday so we can assemble it on Sunday.

We are running out of time before Del Rio, there is a ton of stuff to do. Hopefully we’ll have some time for drive practice and autonomous practice before Del Rio. Also this robot is one of the nicest looking robotics our team has made in a while.






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