First Event Analysis(Bonus Blog)

The first round of qualification matches of infinite recharge is over, ISR District Event 1, finished this morning. Stage one (9 Power cells) was only achieved in 44% of the matches. Stage two was achieved in 0% of the matches. End game parking was achieved by 40% of the robots. While hanging was achieved by 25% of the robots. The RP for shield generator was achieved 10% of the time. Average winning score was 93 points. So hanging is very important, and no one successfully did wheel of fortune. n = 1 sample size.

ISR #1

But what is the level of play that typically happens in ISR District Events? Its hard to relate the performance of teams at ISR #1 to the teams we’ll be facing off against in Texas. So lets compare FIT Austin District Event to ISR #1 District Event in 2019. Both events

FIT Austin 2019 vs ISR # 1 2019

Austin is one the left ISR is one the right. Looking at qualification matches again.Similar percentages of robots moving during sandstorm, 4 Rocket completions for 4% of opportunities(most likely the same team each time) 3 complete rocket RP’s at Austin, and 5 at ISR #1. The 3 from Austin is strange as no one completed a rocket so these are most likely from penalties and should be excluded. Austin had a higher percentage of level 2 climbs (7% vs 4%) ISR #1 had a higher percentage of level 3 climbs (11% vs 5%) So the objectives were slightly different but lets look at the scores.Average winning score in Austin was 46 points and average winning score in ISR #1 was 48 points. Average win margin in ISR was slight higher at 19 vs 17.

So fairly similar qualification round performance compared to Austin last year. We’ll check back in after elimination matches have finished at ISR #1.






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