Day Fifty Three

We had visitors in our shop today! Team 6377 Howdy Bots, another local Austin team stopped by to use our practice field. They have an amazing robot and I think they are going to do well at their event in Greenville. We get a chance to play with them in week five when we both compete at Austin.

Once CAD triple checked the shaft lengths, manufacturing set off to modifying the shafts from yesterday. We once again had four lathes up and running for the duration of the meeting.

Hook With Latch

The hook was fully assembled today. The spacers and the 3D printed latch plus rubber bands were added. The hook might be one of my favorite parts about this robot, the deploy action is very satisfying and we managed to make all the pieces powered by stored energy.

Hook Deploy

The drive base wiring was finalized today, with power pole extensions being added to each side and the cables managed nicely. We also mounted the robot service light, and fixed a assembly error that on the intake. The pullies for the stationary roller got flipped at some point which caused it to be rolling slower than the other two rollers. We flipped the pullies back to the correct orientation. The compressor and compressor shut off switch were also wired. The big list of stuff to do was about cut in half by the end of the meeting. Progress is being made, the programming team agreed to coming in for an extra meeting on Friday. We hope to have the robot fully assembled and at least tested by then so we can start auto programming.






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