Day Fifty Two

Today was a roller coaster. CAD released 5 different shaft drawings to manufacturing, a total number of 32 shafts needed to be made. These shafts we for the shooter, and conveyor subsystems. Manufacturing set up an assembly line to make all of these shafts, we have four different people each working on a lathe doing one step of a shaft. By the end of the meeting they had made about 80% of the shafts when CAD came in and said they got the length of the shafts wrong. Apparently the spacing between each side of the shooter was wrong and each shaft needed to be cut by one inch or more…… Manufacturing was not thrilled to hear this news.

The shooter plates where cut on the CNC on Monday and the polycarb sides where finished during the meeting. We started assembly of the shooter and had the structure finished. Apparently the bottom rail that holds both sides together needs to be changed too, so some more work on that.

Programming was given the robot for most of the day today. The robot is still missing it’s shooter so they began working with ball collection parts of autonomous. They got paths up and running and worked on tuning the PID values for the drive base.

Hopper improvements were started on today, we are adding some additional polycarb to the side, to prevent the power cells from leaving the robot. Its 9 days until Del Rio every one is feeling the pressure, we are making our final pushes in order to attempt to get practice in before competition. Since programming had the robot we made a big list of stuff that needs to get finished when we steal back the robot.






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