Day Fifty Four

The shooter was mostly assembled today. The sides, shooter wheel, and conveyor were all assembled. We are still waiting on some pieces of polycarb that needs to be cut on the CNC router to finish the shooters assembly. The shooter is about 70% assembled.

The holes needed to mount the shooter to the drive rail was drilled today. The belly pan was removed from the robot in order to get its lightening pattern carved out. The CNC router cut out the polycarb pieces for the hopper V4 upgrade. We need to take off the elevator stage zero plates so we can pocket them. The shooter weighed in at ~15 lbs already. So we need the stage zero pocketing in order to not be dangerously close to the weight limit.

The team went over the scouting app we’ll be using at competition. We are using FIRE scouting app. The students watched some matches from ISR and practiced scouting. The main benefit of FIRE scouting app is the pre made real time graphs, and statistics shown on the dash board. Being able to predict the match score in queue as drive coach is super beneficial.






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