Day Fifty Seven

Today was an optional meeting, we have four days until Del Rio and have so much stuff left to do. The robot got a look over today, looking for any problems that need to be fixed before Del Rio. The list of stuff to do on the white board grows longer. A faulty Neo encoder cable was swapped out, afterwards the encoder cables got put in the wrong Spark Maxes. So the encoder wires were all labeled with the label maker after we corrected that error.

Programming made the elevator more controllable today, adding height limits based on the internal encoder of the Neo.


A rolling wheel was added to the shaft that braces between the hooks. This wheel rolls on the polycarb backing of the shooter/conveyor allowing the hook to clear cylinders and solenoids before deploying. Currently the wheel is in the same cut out of the hook itself so that needs to be moved. The hook bracing also might make it impossible for us to climb in the center of the rung now.

Hopper V5 started getting assembled. It has longer shafts, poly belt instead of poly cord, and the spacing between each end of the shaft has moved to prevent pinch points of the power cells. In order to put on Hopper V5 the conveyor’s polycarb sides had to get replaced.






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