Day Fifty Nine

Everything fell into place at the start of the meeting, the poly belt on the hopper was cut shorter, the drive base wires were rerouted to make room for the hopper. An additional stage was added to the hopper planetary gear boxes. We changed out the poly belt on the conveyor to timing belts, but the 3d printed pullies we had on broke because of printing errors. At the end of the metal some students stayed and changed out 3d printed pullies to metal with a compliant wheel to protect the power cell from the flange. Systems go?

The robot is enabled and we patiently await to hear the compressor start. Nothing… still nothing. Some trouble shooting later and it turns out the compressor and pressure switch were swapped. After fixing that the compressor kicks on but now we have an air leak some where. It was narrowed down to the solenoid block so we decided to pull that off and let the programmers start with paths while mechanical team fixes the leaky solenoid block.

At the start of the meeting the CAD team noticed that the elevator was starting to get more out of tolerance at each bearing block. The elevator is using a single loop of chain so in order for it to work large slots had to be cut out of the 1″ x 2″ that the bearing slides are mounted on. These slots have allowed the elevator bearing blocks to be pushed out of tolerance and now theres a slight wobble in the elevator.

A single piece cap was quickly made in CAD. A single aluminium block that is tapped for 10-32 will be used to hopefully pull the elevator bearing blocks back into tolerance. Or at least prevent them from getting more out of tolerance. Manufacturing started the work on this rather complex part. Its final shape will be a U, with four tapped holes and the whole block needs to fit within the 1″ x 2″. The worst part is we need 6, and are making two for a back up, and it needs to be done before we leave on Friday.

The pit carts started getting packed today. First everything was removed from the cart then we started going down the packing list and organizing as we went. By the end of the meeting the pick cart was in good shape, not done but pretty close to getting there. For tomorrows to do list we have drive practice and simple auto programming.






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