Day Sixty Six

The air leak was successfully fixed today and we held 80 psi for five minutes. Good enough for our needs! The air tanks got new mounts put on, and the neo that powers the conveyor got a new planetary gearbox for a total reduction of 6:1 now. This has significantly lowered the chances of the conveyor jamming. Another simple fix that was added was a surgical tubing strap across the bottom of the intake that keeps the power cells in when the intake is up.

The robot was mostly reassembled besides the climber and it was turned over to programming for some tuning on the shooter. The plan to improve the shooter accuracy is to find the rpm needed to shoot in the goal at the initiation line, and then every 2 ft backwards until we reach the trench. We will then use the lime light to get the distance and look up the correct rpm needed to shoot. We managed to find the rpm’s needed for the first 5 targets tonight.






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