Day 26

Well its official we are losing tomorrow to a snow day, and a good chunk of students didn’t show up to today’s meeting so we ran a bit light. I’m constantly surprised by how long a simple task seems to take us, I might need to re frame my expectations? Or analyze why tasks take longer than expected.


Today we had the design review for the intake subsystem. We came out of the design review with quite the list of changes needing to be made. Most of the changes are small and don’t really require any major redesign.

The CDS subsystem is getting closer to being ready for a design review. The 1 x 1 tubing that supports the CDS vertical roller plate got moved into its final location, right next to the CDS upright plates to simplify supporting them. This required a small redesign of mounting on the CDS vertical roller plate.


Work continued today towards getting MDF bot moving. The electrical panel got mounted to the side of MDF bot. After plugging in a battery we found a Spark Max that had the polarity flipped and was making bad noises. It was a bit of a pain to access the PDP because the electronics panel is double layered. We should really stop making them double layered. At least on the real robot we have a brain pan so hopefully we won’t have to double layer anything.

After trying to deploy code we discovered that the roborio needed an image update, and the roborio is on the bottom layer… It wasn’t possible to plug in a USB b cable so we attempted to drill an access hole. But that shattered the acrylic plate. Whoops. We only used acrylic because its a practice item and we wanted to laser cut it quickly.

We called it a night after our driver station refused to update the roborio image version. I left my computer at home and that was able to do it in the past, but for some reason our driver station really doesn’t like updating roborios. Probably a time for clean wipe on it.


Hopefully we will be able to make good progress on Saturday, we are also hosting an FLL event but that is only taking a small number of our students. Maybe MDF bot will finally drive and play, and maybe we’ll(CAD) finish another sub system. Manufacturing has a ton of parts to make from the release of the climber so they have a bit to do on Saturday. We are behind, but its not a terrible spot yet? I’m worried but not that worried. As far as past years for 2158 we are ahead of every other year, so a good improvement.

My Favorite Part of the Robot(So Far)






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