Day 33

Today was one of those days where it felt like nothing got done. But if I go look at Trello and the parts that came out it was a productive day after all. Its probably a bit in my head where I don’t get much done and that affects my judge of how much got done. I’m starting to get worried with the schedule. We’ve cut back scope, there isn’t much left that we cut, we need to start assembly of the practice robot. We are waiting for a few key pieces of the intake to get cut before we can assembly that. The rest of the CDS hasn’t been released to manufacture yet. Hopefully tomorrow?


CAD was busy today making the changes discovered from the design review yesterday. They got all of the rework changes done besides one straggler and are doing the changes to the assembly which are considered nice to have. The straggler is zip tie holes in the piece of bent poly carbonate that we are using for our hood. Onshape isn’t playing nicely when we try to flatten the object to add holes. The highlighted pieces are the stragglers.

The Cad Got Less Colorful

Up next for Cad is figuring out where electronics go in the brain pan, and then making a manually adjustable hood for the robot. The manually adjustable hood will allows us to find the right angle we need to hit long shots. We discovered our prototype was not working today, increasing the angle didn’t really work because the hood didn’t have backing for the entire wrap, so there is a gap and the angle doesn’t change much.


Manufacturing was busy making a bunch of intake parts, and finishing the fixed tube of the climber. In addition a few students make treads for six of our wheels. The 3D printers where busy, as where the lathes. Tomorrow will be another release of parts a large amount of shafts and a few pieces of 1 x 1. As always the router will be making a good chunk of our parts this year.

Done Column


Programming tested the shooter prototype for a while, and another group was working on testing path following. We struggled a bit on that front, after looking at the code after getting home I’ve found a few bits that are causing issues and I’ll help them through it tomorrow.






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