Day 45

Today we did the team recap, and watched a few different videos, final matches from week zero, and 1690’s reveal video. The slides say week seven recap, we must have gained a week some where. The recap has a brief bit from each subgroup and some FRC trivia. We also opened suggestions to name the robot today.

CAD was busy working on robot improvements that we found during assembly on Monday. Another student on CAD is working on redesigned operator console.

Today was another meeting that felt like a lot didn’t get done. A student and I finished wiring the remaining four motors on the robot. It took a shocking long time to wire four motors. The sad part is it didn’t even turn out the best, needs a little more tiding up. The robot took its first spins today(get it? Motors spun for the first time… anyways), the CDS, intake, and drive base are all functioning mostly as expected. The shooter is missing a few lines of code that adds the second motor to it. I’m not sure how that didn’t get done in the time it took us to wire the robot.

We had a lot of idle students in manufacturing today, I’m not sure why. I looked at Trello once I got home and there is 2 separate lathe parts that were not worked on at all during the meeting. We also have to put the plywood on the remaining field walls, and finish anchoring the field walls to the floor. Not all students were idle, a few helped make the final few power poled wire extenders needed to get power to the CDS and shooter Neos. Another pair of students disassembled the gear boxes from the frame that held MDF bot. The gears showed no sign of wear and were reassembled. I’m not sure how big of a fan I am of the 3D printed grease covers, its nice not to throw grease everywhere, but its also nice to see into the gear boxes.






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