Day 52

15 Days and 20 hours remaining before our first event, we are all feeling the pressure. Today felt unproductive, but I think it was alright. Before the meeting started I had two students make a stealth fix to the robot. We swapped the pullies and belts around. Now there is only one belt on each side. This should prevent the failure mode we saw on Saturday where the belts ride up on each other and jam up.

It was the team recap today, the sub team leads presented their progress. The recap quality has dropped a bit something we’ll need to fix. After the recap we watched two reveal video’s 1678’s robot reveal and 1339 reveal video. 1339’s reveal video is one of my favorite reveal videos. Its very well done.

Programming had the robot all day, They started the day with testing some CDS auto eject code in case we pickup three cargo. The climber code was being finalized and was ready for testing after dinner. They managed to get to a spot where we are ready to test with the climber connected to everything.

Manufacturing was busy tackling the small mountain of shafts that is needed for the second robot. We fixed two of our broken lathes today so we had 5 machines up and running turning shafts. That made quick work of things. At the end of the meeting we have 3 shafts that are in progress and one mill piece. All that is left is the bigger mountain of plates that need to be cut on the router. Our manufacturing mentor has been a bit busy and just hasn’t had enough time to get all of the plates cut yet.

We did manage to get a different hood plate cut on the router this meeting. The part was modified before dinner and cut out and ready for assembly after dinner. It was good turn around. We even managed to put it on the robot in between programming testing code. This new plate has different holes to test angles in 2 degree increments from 10 – 6 degrees. Hopefully one of these numbers gives us the arc we want from the fender.






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