Day 54

We have so much stuff we want to get done. There is also very little time before it all needs to be done. That seems to always be the problem in FRC. We have an open house next week on Thursday, so we are trying to get the second robot ready for that. That’s not the only reason we want the second robot ready. It will help programming test and iterate faster, also allows CAD/Mechanical some time to perform upgrades and maintenance. The second robot has been stalled on waiting for plates since the end of Tuesday’s meeting. The plates started to get cut on the router today, we hope to finish them all on Friday so we can spend Saturday assembling the robot.

Programming was busy testing today. We tried testing an open loop control on the climber to see if 100% power was enough to lift the robot. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t. We have the planetary gearboxes already made that we will be adding the to climber which should give it enough reduction to lift the robot. They also spent time working on the CDS today focusing on ejecting wrong color cargo. Currently it only looks at the color on newly introduced cargo, IE not stored in slot one or two.

We’ve been managing to sneak in driver practice here and there. We have officially driven the tread off of one wheel on the robot. We have improvements for version two of most things going on the second robot. We also need a bit more time tuning PID for the shooter as spin up takes a little too long right now. The second robot will hopefully come alive by the end of the day on Saturday.






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