Day 59

We are hosting our open house this week. Its the first open house we’ve hosted in a long time, at least since I’ve joined the team. I’m excited and a bit nervous. The game plan is a quick introduction to FIRST, an explanation about the game. Then a semi dramatic reveal of the robot. To end things we plan on having students give tours of the shop and the area they work in. While the tours are ongoing we will be driving the two robots on the field to show off a little. There is a ton of prep work that we have to do tomorrow. We are probably losing the majority of two days of work. Maybe pick a better time for an open house next year…

Today was kind of a slow day, we made a few tweaks to the second bot. We put on the v3 fixed hood with the correct hood wrap. The stopper wheel spacing was also tweaked. The programmers had the main robot for autonomous, and a little bit of climbing testing towards the end of the meeting. Assembly of the variable hood, discovered the 3D printed pieces had a few holes missing and will have to reprint them. Besides that its driver practice, we are trying to wear the tread off of the blue nitrile tread and that is proving to take a bit more work.






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