Day 60

Tomorrow is the open house so that means today was spent cleaning and preparing for the open house. Everyone besides a few programming students were working towards preparing for the open house. The field layout tape got finished. Programming is working on autonomous and fixing the I2C problems we have been having.

Robot Twins

The practice bot got an old weight from a work out machine bolted to the back to make up for the missing climber weight.

The senior students lead the younger students on setting up the pit structure. It was a good peer teaching exercise I think the seniors have more sympathy for what the mentors deal with now. The seniors will not be allowed to set it up during competition, just direct the underclassmen. It is a good way to transfer knowledge. Besides setting up the pit structure it was tons of cleaning. The shop is in a pretty good state, all the tables are clean. There is a clear path to field. The vex area is a disastrous I’m just pretending doesn’t exist.






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