Day 63

Today we used the morning and a bit of afternoon to perform a few upgrades on the competition bot. The CDS base plate got notches cut into it so we can put the bumper pins on the front in. The sponsor panel/shooter support rod was mounted to the robot. We put the intake wheel spacers on the robot. That prevents the wheels from moving around and creating dead zones.

Intake Spacers Being Added

The belly pan was switched over from the second robot to the competition robot. The fixed version of the intake was put on the second robot and discovered that the intake was spinning significantly slower. After checking the code and if there was any binding we decided to replace the Neo. After replacing the Neo the intake was spinning at full speed now. The intake on the second robot was once again able to easily intake cargo. Its possible the intake would have worked if we just replaced the Neo. We also made a jig to bend replacement bumper pins that are a bit thinner so they are much easier to put in. They jig got an upgrade later adding a final jig to bend the last loop. The new bumper pins fit much nicer.

The programming team had a robot for the entire day. It started with the second robot while the first got a bit of maintenance. Autonomous and full systems test was the goal for today. We managed to complete both of them before the end of the day. The CDS code isn’t working with the color sensors yet so we are manually moving the cargo throughout the CDS by just running the CDS belts while holding the intake button. Hopefully tomorrow they will be able to work out the bugs in the CDS color sensors.

Autonomous is starting to look pretty good. I want to run it for hundred more times to see how accurate it is. Tomorrow we are going to shift the starting location to make lining the robot up easier. We are also going to change the ending location to be more centered on the hub.

Its odd to be still working on your robot right before competition. We aren’t going to have a mile long list of stuff that we need to do when we get to the competition. I’m still getting used to this no bag thing I guess. Its a nice calming feeling.






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