2023 Build Blog

Welcome to the ausTIN CAN’s 2023 build blog. It is my third year of writing down our teams progress through out the build season(2020 Build Blog, 2022 Build Blog). I plan on posting daily recaps which will include progress photos, prototyping videos, strategy discussion and progress reports. Our team’s goal is to make it to District Champs and onto Worlds. Our team consists of ~50 students and 9 mentors.

Its the final day before kick off. If you’d like to catch up on what we’ve been doing in the off season you can find that starting here. Tomorrow our team will gather in our lab and execute on our kick off plan. We have two other items that we plan to use, if the game allows it we are planning on running a swerve drive base with MKi4’s, or a fall back 6 wheel west coast drive. Both of these can be found at our Season Resources page.

Looking back at our previous year’s progress having a drive base with electronics all set, and driving will hopefully put us ~1 week ahead of previous years. We plan on using the assembled swerve drive base as our practice bot.


Our team will be competing at the following events:

  • Week One FIT District Waco Event
  • Week Four FIT District Houston Event
  • Week Six FIRST In Texas District Championship(If we advance)

In our opinion we got a great schedule of events this year, we have a decent amount of time between our events. This will allow us time to iterate on our robot between events.

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