Day 19

It felt like a slow day today. Everyone was working but things are in progress / in the middle still. Progress is being made on multiple fronts, just nothing to show from it today.

The bumpers got their mounting system attached. This year we have 3D printed spring latches that hold the bumper. Its very easy to unlatch and remove the bumper. We are only on iteration 5 of our bumper mounts 🙂

We tested the 4″ vectored intake wheels a bit more today. This prototype is hard to get the performance we want out of it. The back roller positioning is problematic, too low the cone gets stuck perpendicular, too high the cone doesn’t get picked up. We are going to let this prototype take a break for while.

We started looking at the dual over head rollers again. They are working on another iteration that uses 2″ compliant wheels instead of 4″. This reduces the weight and makes the intake smaller. Here is a slow motion video from the side with 4″ compliant wheels.

The wiring on the competition robot is coming together. Probably another day and a half of work left on it. So hopefully it will drive on Saturday. Then we need to expand the frame perimeter of the practice bot to match our competition robot.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, we have a large amount of parts that are queued up for the CNC router. If they get cut in time we’ll start seeing some more progress.






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