Day 38


At the end of the day on Saturday there were 72 different parts released to manufacturing to make. We had an optional meeting Sunday, before the start of today’s meeting we had already completed 32 of the parts. A large portion of the completed parts were 3D printed, laser cut, or router parts.

Currently there are 8 router parts, 2 Haas parts, and 11 lathe parts in to do or work in progress. All of the manual mill parts have been completed. We are aiming to have all of the parts completed before Saturday’s meeting. Saturday will hopefully be filled with assembly.

Assembly started on the dual over head roller intake. The only thing left to do is attach the ultra planetary gear boxes. That got stalled out tonight because we don’t have the correct length bolts.


First version of the robot is released but the CAD work doesn’t stop. The CAD team today created assembly cards for each sub system in Trello. An assembly card to us has 3 important pieces, the first is using Trello’s attachment feature to link to each unique part’s Trello card. This allows us to check the manufacturing status of every part in the subsystem from one place(the assembly card). The second piece is a list of all commercial off the shelf parts that we need.

The final piece is pictures from the CAD that shows how to assemble the mechanism. We like to have a few different angles and possibly an exploded view to see how it fits together. We find these extremely helpful during assembly, we can print them off and don’t have to grab a computer to reference CAD all of the time.

Example Assembly Card

In the above example assembly card all of the linked Trello cards are archived(we archive the done column at the start of every week) and in the Done column. That means that we should have all of the parts manufactured and are ready to start assembly.

CAD also started working on a few improvements that we know we are missing. We are adding handles to the robot so we can easily lift it. The buddy carry’s cam is getting a metal version of it made, same geometry we just have to make a few modifications so we can easily manufacture it. The intake is also still getting a few modifications that will allow us to handle cubes.






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