Day 49

Its been a busy past few days. The arm movement speed was increased on both joints, its at a good spot right now. But faster is always better? If we get really good at cycling and lining up in the next few days we might try to increase the speed of the arm again. Right now the arm movement isn’t the slow part of cycling.

Our driver got some great driver practice today. It was probably an hour of driving the robot around. Tomorrow we should be able to get a few more hours of driving in. Below is a video of one of our cycling runs, we are still learning how the robot behaves and the controls so our cycles are a little slow at the moment.

Overall I’m thrilled with how well the intake is working when on a full arm and robot. The arm is also scoring pretty well and we might be able to increase the speed a bit still.

Today we got a chance to run our first full autonomous routine. We’ve ran plenty of paths but haven’t had the chance to combine paths with the arm and intake until now.

So the good news is the arm and intake work in auto, but the balance command seems to have broken when we added more weight to the robot. Tomorrow we’ll work on fixing the balance and adding a few more autonomous modes.

The buddy carry finally got fully assembled and was wired up to the practice robot today. It should be ready for programming first thing tomorrow morning. The assembly of the second robot started today with the intake V2(cubes) and the arm starting assembly. We also had a few students work on arts and crafts for stand props.






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