Day 53

The team leaves tomorrow afternoon for Waco. That means tonight was hectic to say the least. The team was busy packing, fine tuning code, fixing the final remaining problems and finishing documents.

We got 18 lbs of ballast added to the back of the robot, it isn’t that pretty but it was quick and it works great. We used to get tippy with the arm fully extended. The robot is nice and stable with the ballast. The robot was 79 lbs before the ballast so we should land just shy under 100lbs with. Also the handles finally got added to the robot.

The next iteration of the intake works a lot better. It is smaller and grabs the cubes with out shooting them out the backside. Tomorrow we have to finish fine tuning auto with the new weight and fix the problem with the Navx 2 micro disconnecting randomly, then off to Waco!






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