Day 70

Today we tested the cube catapult after we got all of the pieces made. The results were interesting.

The original idea wasn’t to launch the cube over the robot, but off the back side. But that didn’t have enough power. Over the robot didn’t work that well either, consistency issues and the cube goes too high so it bounces out of the node. The CAD team went back to the drawing board and came up with this?

The cube puncher worked well enough that we added pneumatics to the robot for further testing.

The parts to fix the chain arm flexing and chain tensioner were completed today. Its not the best looking gear box we’ve designed but it works and it was able to fit on the existing arm.

Next the robot was turned over to programming and they set off making the arm fast and well controlled. Both joints are at a good spot now, they are moving faster than we ran at the last competition. Tomorrow we’ll try testing it out on the field while moving and see if it can hold positions more accurately.






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