Day 81

How many dropped cubes is too many?




Okay three is too many, I stopped trying to find more at this point. These are just from our play in the elimination tournament at Houston. We have a cube scoring problem.

Our arm is capable of reaching to many different points and could easily have a cube scoring location. But our driver controls every action of the robot and we don’t have any free buttons to cram another item onto them.

The intake has had mounting holes for two time of flight sensors for a long while. The sensors we actually on the robot for Houston, we were just missing the code to make use of them. We are using two of these on the intake, they are connected to a pico pi and communicate back to the Roborio over serial.

Today we got the time of flight sensors integrated into our robot code. When the top time of flight sensor detects a cube in the intake the arm goes to a cube high or cube mid scoring position(depending on which button the driver presses). Hopefully we’ll be dropping a lot less cubes at District Champs!






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