Day 84 & 85

Things are slowing down here as we prepare for District Champs. The team has been working on some cleanup of CAD, a few small tweaks to the cube launcher, and starting to prepare for off season training. Oh we’ve been using the robot a ton too, getting hours of driver practice and autonomous tuning in.

The cube launcher was on the robot at Houston but we didn’t have enough time to get it integrated into useful autonomous modes. Well the programing team has made great progress over the past week and we have a new 3 cube autonomous routine!

They’ve also upgraded out auto balance routine, we now grab a game piece on the way to the charge station.

Initially we were trying for a High Link autonomous routine but we ran into troubles. The margin for error with placing a cone is just too small. We are a long way away from having a way to localize our position and correct for any errors. It is much easier to score and intake cubes. So it was decided to implement a 3 cube autonomous routine for District Champs.






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